Inbox by Gmail

The inbox that goes beyond email

Interaction design, visual design

"Encourage human connection"

Outside of the the US and Europe, email is dying. We wanted to strip away the cruft of email and make it feel as effortless and direct as chat.

Speed dial

We were the first to design and use the now-iconic "floating action button".

We added our own twist to it to bring those closest to you within reach faster.

Fun fact: I coded the speed dial on the web! \m/

Smart Reply

Typing is still one of the biggest pain points of mobile phone use. We wanted to bring the most likely responses right to your fingertips.

The UI for this is simple, but we went through training sets of data for countless hours, evaluated what fail cases were unacceptable, and what responses seemed most human and heartfelt.

Now, 10% of all replies use smart reply.

Make sure Inbox does the right work for everyone

In research we found that Inbox was adopted by users if the bundle settings were set up correctly before they ever saw their new inbox.

I collaborated with John Schlemmer to create a dead-simple to understand setting that showed during onboarding.