The notepad for salespeople

User experience, research, visual design

The notepad for enterprise teams

Pattern keeps you organized and connected with your teams. We designed it to organise notes automatically based on your org's accounts, consolidate todos based on accounts, and keep the rest of your team up to speed with the accounts' progress

Give the rep superpowers

There are lots of standard practices in sales. Looking up info about the attendees, logging your findings to Salesforce, etc.

We wanted to make this as quick as a couple of keystrokes. TextExpanders with variable content made adding attendee info a breeze, and another keystroke brought up any Salesforce field for quick updation.

"Feel like a friend, not a business tool."

Sales tools are all stuffy. We wanted to come across as approachable & fun.

We picked a friendly color palette, colloquial typeface, and made the copy personable and casual.

It made our app feel like a tool made for reps, not their managers.

More than just notes

Staying on top of your deals means effective planning before the meeting as well as in the meeting. We built a tool that allowed reps unprecedented power in slicing their deals.

Custom views allow them to watch specific criteria and keep anything from falling through the cracks.